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Beans listed in order of release.  Only bean bags are shown on these pages. This is for reference. 

Please do not borrow these pictures without permission and never link to my pages.  You must host your own pictures.

Bon Fire Pooh UK

Farmer Pooh, Sante Fe Pooh, Weightlifter Pooh & Judo Piglet, Mickey & Pluto as Jack Skeleton & Zero, 


  Jasmine Minnie, Halloween Jack Skeleton W/Mask, Baby Pooh & Friends, Circus Pooh, Tigger & Eeyore


Chestnut Pooh

September Birthstone Pooh Japan

Pictured here are Lumiere and Cogsworths.


canadagoofy.jpg (23237 bytes) Italiangoofy.jpg (25741 bytes)

Epcot Beans

Canada Goofy  - $7.00

Italy Goofy - stock number #12265812 - $7.00

Morocco Mickey Mouse - stock number #12261000 - $7.00

German Mickey Mouse - stock number #12261001 - $7.00

  Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Mickey Mouse - stock number #12261002 - $7.00

   Norwegian Minnie Mouse - stock number #12263733 - $7.00


Nightmare before Christmas beans

Disneyana 2002 Mickey

 The Theme Park exclusive hang tags read Tribal Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto but the receipt shows Adventureland Mickey, Minnie, etc.

Cloud Day Pooh

Pictured here is Prince Mickey

UK Disney Stores is Jumper Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore 

Frontier Fab Five

P8140036.jpg (146040 bytes)

Infant Mickey and Minnie 9" bean bags

 Stars n' Stripes Pooh

24489_Z.gif (40905 bytes)25520_Z.gif (63665 bytes)25523_Z.gif (62751 bytes)

Travels with Pooh Miami, Mickey & Minnie Americana from the 90's, Letterman Mickey & Minnie 2003,  Aurora Minnie (already released in Disney stores),  Camping Eeyore (released originally in UK Disney Stores).  

25521_Z.gif (36684 bytes)24303_Z.gif (41613 bytes)

backschoolpooh.jpg (16665 bytes)

Back to school Pooh and Mickey 

Fairy Eeyore

Pooh and Tigger Romper

August Birthstone Pooh, Peridot

Soirée.jpg (43704 bytes) mickeysmart.jpg (194369 bytes)

 Christmas Noel Soirée Minnie & Mickey

Hip Hat Minnie

septemberminnie.jpg (69856 bytes)

September Birthstone Necklace

friendshipset2002.jpg (127319 bytes) P8010184.JPG (52276 bytes)

Friendship Pooh & Tigger (USA & Japan)

Vintage Pooh

rainydaymm.jpg (301062 bytes) rainydaymmback.jpg (305659 bytes)

Rainy Day Mickey and Minnie

christmas2002mm.jpg (303203 bytes)

Christmas Mickey and Minnie 2002

2002JapanLittleStarRainbowPooh.jpg (24449 bytes) 2002JapanLittleStarRainbowPoohDangle.jpg (38259 bytes)

 Little Star Rainbow Pooh and its dangle

721 orange pooh.jpg (34189 bytes)

New Fruit Pooh, Orange Pooh

Light Up Pooh.   Halloween Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore.  Witch (cat), Halloween Eeyore as Vampire Bat, Halloween Tigger as Werewolf.

Fairy Pooh USA July

Go Cart Pooh UK 

German Mickey, Rockn' Roller Mickey WDW 

Race Car Pooh USA July

It's a Girl, It's a Boy, Cleo and Jiminy Cricket  UK Disney Stores.

Japan Disney Store  July Ruby Pooh

1967set.jpg (24607 bytes)

Item # 24486  1967 Pooh and pals.  -  Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet are dressed in their psychedelic suits with instruments in hand, ready to rock!

 Item #: 25519 1980s Rad Mickey & Minnie Mini Bean Bag Set  -  #10 in the Americana Series. Mickey and Minnie revisit the glamorous 80s.

Item #: 24230  Belle Minnie Mini Bean Bag   -  Minnie is celebrating the ''tale as old as time'' by dressing up as Belle!

Item #: 24016 Chinese Mickey & Minnie - Our ''famouse'' pair of travelers straight from the Orient!  

Item #: 25516  Philadelphia Pooh Mini Bean Bag - #6 of 11 in our Travels with Pooh Series. To commemorate his travels to Philadelphia, Pooh is dressed as one of the founding fathers of the United States of America

 Item #:  Platypus & Lizard Pooh Mini Bean Bag Set from Disney Store Australia  - 24497Crikey, our favorite mate Pooh is dressed as a platypus and a lizard!


#: 24643 Year of the Tiger Pooh & Year of the Boar Pooh -  #6 in Chinese Zodiac Series. People born in the Year of the Tiger are sensitive and capable of great love. Those born in the Year of the Boar are intellectual and splendid companions.

 Item #: 24301 Windsurfing Pooh & Kayaking Eeyore - Extreme sports action from down under. Pooh is catching air as a windsurfer while Eeyore maneuvers the white water rapids as a kayaker

Figment beanie from Opening Celebration of the new Journey Into Imagination ride at Epcot

2nd Anniversary  Dress up Mickey & Minnie

Rain Pooh

Little Mermaid, Dumbo

Friendship Tigger and Pooh

Gerba Pooh


Milkman Pooh


Policeman Pooh


Graduation Pooh 2002 UK

stitchelvismbbp.jpg (57361 bytes) stitchmbbp.jpg (57172 bytes)


July Birthstone Necklace Minnie


Penguin Pooh - Japan 2002


Lumberjack Pooh 


Mailman Pooh

Wimbledon Pooh & Eeyore

Pearl Pooh

New "2002 Pooh Bean Bag"

Wimbledon Pooh & Eeyore 

MMasGfy.jpg (15153 bytes) TigAsPooh.jpg (14494 bytes) EeyAsTig.jpg (14197 bytes) PHasEey.jpg (14345 bytes)
Mickey Mouse as Goofy
Released last week still available
Tigger as Pooh
Anticipated Release During the Week Ending May 25
Eeyore as Tigger
Anticipated Release During the Week Ending June 1
Pooh as Eeyore
Anticipated Release During the Week Ending June 8


jessiewoody.gif (55835 bytes) disco.jpg (18422 bytes)

Mickey as Woody and Minnie as Jessie Item #: 24644

Disco Mickey & Minnie Item #24784

22634.jpg (19995 bytes) 22635.jpg (22180 bytes) 22636.jpg (20388 bytes)

Graduation Pooh with Gift Box Mini Bean Bag  Item #: 22634

Graduation Eeyore with Gift Box Mini Bean Bag    Item #: 22636

Graduation Tigger with Gift Box Mini Bean Bag    Item #: 22635


Graduation Mbbp has finally shown up in the Catalog.  They are the same as last years version but have this year's date.


Lilo & Stitch Item #: 24487

Minnie as Lilo Item #: 24496

Travels with Pooh Tennessee Pooh #24645

Patriotic Mickey & Minnie #25525

Year of Sheep & Horse Item #24491

Father's Day Goofy Item #24648


Doctor Pooh & Farmer Pooh

DSCF1318.jpg (72485 bytes) DSCF1319.jpg (71772 bytes) DSCF1321.jpg (79881 bytes)

Jubilee Pooh & Eeyore bean bags

DSCF1324.jpg (68263 bytes) DSCF1325.jpg (66796 bytes)

daisysupporter.jpg (58436 bytes) minniesupporter.jpg (53209 bytes)

hippiemm.jpg (42318 bytes)
MickeyHawaii.jpg (39588 bytes) 

indiantrappersetparis.jpg (52432 bytes)

chefsetparis.jpg (57159 bytes)

golfparisset.jpg (62473 bytes)

Pooh Trapper & Indian Tigger

Chef Pooh & Tigger Waiter

Pooh & Tigger Golfer

canoemindaisy.jpg (34087 bytes)

Poohwflowers.jpg (32846 bytes)

boomonsters.jpg (38212 bytes)


June Minnie

American Buzz

Walt Disney Studios Park Director Mickey and Cameraman Goofy

musicalgradnightmickey.jpg (30264 bytes)

Poodle Pooh


Birthstone series Emerald Pooh May


Hawaiian Pooh, Sunny Pooh and Beach Pooh Hong

Indian Daisy and Minnie in a Canoe

 Morocco Mickey 

   “Director Mickey

 Firecracker Pooh  and 4th July Goofy

Mickey as Woody,  Minnie as Jessie

423 rose pooh front.jpg (22720 bytes)

Yoko tells me Builder Pooh & Hairdresser

wdw2002mickey.jpg (28693 bytes)

Graduation Mickey

Donald Birthday set

travelspooh.gif (38200 bytes) golfpoohtigger2002.gif (72205 bytes) momstaxiplush.gif (46481 bytes)

Mom's Taxi Pooh $24647

Travels Pooh Hollywood #24234

Golf Pooh and Tigger #24484
Chinese New Year Pooh Monkey & Snake #24990


luckycatblackblue.gif (66115 bytes) aliceminnie.gif (35760 bytes) yearsnakemonkey.gif (61277 bytes)

Lucky Cat Black (Good Fortune) and Blue (Popularity) #24302
 Alice in wonderland Minnie #24495
Prom Mickey & Minnie #24485

1960's Mickey and Minnie #24676

Ribbed Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & Donald #24676


prommm.gif (45583 bytes)1960mm.gif (44149 bytes)ribbedmmset.gif (52555 bytes)


Terry Toweling

Summer Fun Pooh UK


Berry Berry Pooh , 2002 Birthday Pooh and Little Stars April Birthstone Diamond Pooh

Mulan Minnie, Mary Poppins, Tinkerbell and Cinderella Minnie

Marathon Pooh UK

Butter Pooh, Butter Piglet, Crocus Eeyore and Lagoon Tigger

The Grand National Pooh UK


sockhopmm.jpg (22540 bytes)  

Sock Hop Mickey Minnie #24492

ribbedpoohset.gif (42318 bytes)

Ribbed Terry Pooh & Pals #24675

chickpooh.gif (40466 bytes)

Chick Pooh #23962

chineserabbitdog.gif (66991 bytes)

Kangaroo Pooh & Koala Pooh #24498

cycletigger.gif (33802 bytes)

Cycling Tigger #24304

Honalulu Pooh.gif (50691 bytes)

Honolulu Pooh #24233

luckycatredgold.gif (46783 bytes)

Career & Wealth Lucky Cat Pooh #24014

24222_Z.gif (43520 bytes)

Year of the Rabbit & Year of the Dog #24222

summerfuneeyorepooh.gif (48175 bytes)

Summer Fun Eeyore & Summer Fun Pooh #24668


newdlp_pooh.jpg (123780 bytes)
Pooh Trapper
Indian Tigger

Tigger Golfer

  Tigger Waiter


London Pooh and Tigger



DSCF0962.jpg (79638 bytes) DSCF0963.jpg (62604 bytes)

Boat Race Pooh & Piglet


Pooh & Chick 


DSCF0954.jpg (73685 bytes)

 Boo MBBP from Monsters Inc (UK only at this point)


 Aquamarine Pooh


DSCF0901.jpg (86251 bytes) DSCF0903.jpg (77494 bytes) DSCF0905.jpg (66896 bytes) 

 Easter Basket Pooh which is a Zip-up item and Mother's Day Pooh.


P2150089.JPG (1264290 bytes)

Easter Eeyore,  Easter Pooh w/piglet, and Candy Tigger (no beans)

newdlp_mickey.jpg (171093 bytes)

  Starting at top left we see Director Donald, Cameraman Goofy, Disney Studios Paris Mickey in Bag and at bottom front Script Writer Mickey.



213 pooh1.jpg (43706 bytes)

Tanpopo Pooh


Pooh dressed as a white bunny, Eeyore dressed as an Easter eggMinnie dressed as a Chick , Mickey Dressed as a Chocolate Bunny 


 Chinese Year of the Dog Pooh


 St Patrick's Day Tigger and St Patrick's Day Pooh dressed as Leprechauns. 



Japan February Birthstone Pooh

earstoyou.jpg (27225 bytes)

Walt Disney World "Ears TO YOU 2002" bean bag. 



Carnival Mardi Gras Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. 

Chinese Dragon Pooh &  Chinese Dog Pooh

"Travels" New York Pooh

Eskimo Pooh & Piglet,  Eighties Pooh, Piglet,  Leprechaun Piglet

Figure Skater Mickey & Minnie, Americana Bean Bag set, February Minnie, Cinderella Minnie



UK  It's a Boy or Girl Pooh, Valentine Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore as Cupids and then Fuzzy Lady and the Tramp.

cupidpooh.jpg (53473 bytes) cupidtigger.jpg (53437 bytes) cupideeyore.jpg (60726 bytes)


March 1st is St David's Day

 Valentines Day Eeyore


Third in the series, Dragon Pooh.


Winter Olympic 2002 Disney beans


Raccoon (Araiguma) Pooh 

valentine2002mm.jpg (49383 bytes)

V-Day Mickey/Minnie Hugger Bean Bags

 Spring Eeyore, Zip-up Rose Pooh and Figaro 


Pancake Day mini bean, Rose Pooh & Simba

Explorer Set

valentine Angel Love Pooh1.jpg (191496 bytes)

Little Star Valentine Love Angel Pooh

M D P Valentine Love Dangles1.jpg (133239 bytes)

Valentine Love Angel Mickey, Donald, and Pluto


January birthstone pooh1.jpg (186347 bytes)

 January Garnet Pooh


Congratulations Pooh, Happy Birthday Pooh and Get Well Dalmatians Mbbp 


osbornemickey.jpg (21096 bytes) osbornemickey2.jpg (27841 bytes)

Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights

Year of the Rat and Year of the Ox Pooh, Cod Pooh,  1950's Pooh


Valentine's Day Bee Pooh & Piglet,  1964 Pooh & Pals, Bobsled Piglet & Tigger, January Birthstone Minnie, Tinker Bell Minnie, 1930's Minnie & Mickey

Pooh as Black Bear

1222 sea1.jpg (31123 bytes) 1222_zodiac.jpg (30709 bytes)

Japan Sea Otter Pooh and Capricorn Pooh

80pooh.jpg (18408 bytes) kuzco.jpg (16924 bytes) yzma.jpg (18288 bytes)

 80' Pooh, Emperors New Groove, Kuzco and Yzmathanks.


bug2002pooh.jpg (51254 bytes)

UK Milennium Bug Pooh 2002

Mickey and Minnie Valentines 2020

wdwmickey2001.jpg (38591 bytes) wdwminniexmas.jpg (54047 bytes)

WDW Santa Mickey and Sugarplum Minnie 2001.


pooh2002.jpg (150442 bytes)  eeyore2002.jpg (151954 bytes)

Pooh 2002 and Eeyore 2002  

valentinepooh2002.jpg (18460 bytes)

Valentine Bee Mine Pooh and Eeyore

DSCF0549.jpg (150539 bytes)

UK  Zip-up Tree Pooh and right USA Zip-up Pooh

January Birthstone Necklace Minnie


2002MochiPooh.jpg (42452 bytes) Horse Pooh.jpg (42848 bytes)

Mochi,  Pink and White Horse Pooh


#23990 Monsters Pooh & Pals

#24665 Lumberjack Pooh

#24664 Mary Poppins

#24837 Buzz

#24836 Jessie

#24835 Woody

DSCF0501.jpg (80711 bytes)  DSCF0503.jpg (85292 bytes) DSCF0502.jpg (74881 bytes)

Three Kings Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore

Disneyland 2001 Santa Poooh mbbp, Reindeer Tigger 

   Usa-ko Pooh


Santa Tigger with Elf Piglet and Santa Eeyore.

 Day after Thanksgiving Pooh

PB160133.JPG (56068 bytes) 


PB160136.JPG (56440 bytes)

The seven dwarfs in blue and white lbbp

PB160134.JPG (86551 bytes) 

Knotty Pooh and Eeyore

New style of AVIATOR POOH has arrived in the UK.  Pooh has a MAP rolled up in his right hand which is tied together with a red ribbon. His jacket now has two breast pockets, elasticized cuffs and waist, also on his shoulder  and his back we see the new logo 'Poohs 100 Acre Aces'. This version also has a new Helmet and Goggles. 


Little Stars Zodiac Pooh

Platypus Pooh, Koala Pooh, Kangaroo Pooh, and  Frilled Necked Lizard Pooh

23994.jpg (19231 bytes)  23791_Z.jpg (17330 bytes)

Icicle Pooh and Icicle Tigger
Sagittarius Pooh

23803_Z.jpg (14820 bytes) 23792_Z.jpg (17874 bytes) 24677_Z.jpg (11503 bytes)

December Birthstone Minnie, December Tigger, Minnie as Snow White

24680_Z.jpg (14944 bytes) 23799_Z.jpg (24231 bytes) 23789_Z.jpg (12734 bytes)

Sailor Pooh, Monster Inc bean bags Sully, Mike and CDA, which stands for Child Detection Agency, these will be sold in a set, Classical Pooh



 Pooh as Peacock, Pooh as Pelican and Pooh as Bear.


tinseleeyore.jpg (14759 bytes) TinselPooh.jpg (14007 bytes) tinseltigger.jpg (15360 bytes)

 Tinsel Pooh Tigger and Eeyore.

christmaspoohset4.jpg (26893 bytes)

November 5, 2001 is the official start date to sell these new beans for Disney Online and Catalog orders. 

 pjusaset.jpg (19316 bytes) astroset.jpg (27699 bytes)

Christmas set of 4 Pooh & Friends #23796

Plaid PJs Pooh & Piglet #24678

Astronaut set of Pooh & Friends #23885

 bears.jpg (14223 bytes) poohset.jpg (17624 bytes)

Polar Bear Pooh & Brown Bear Pooh #24662

1920's Mickey & Minnie #22627

 November Tigger #23659

 60's Goofy #23991

Christmas Mickey & Minnie #23797

Panda Pooh #23961

Raccoon Pooh & Moose Pooh #24663





SantaPoohSleigh.jpg (16794 bytes)

Pooh is dressed as Santa, riding his sleigh

ChristmasMickey.jpg (17919 bytes) ChristmasMinnie.jpg (15791 bytes) ChristmasPluto.jpg (16511 bytes)

Christmas Mickey, Minnie and Pluto




nowflake Pooh, Ornament Tigger and Eeyore.

Santa Pooh on a sleigh, Santa Eeyore and Santa Tigger with elf piglet. 



Holiday Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey Disneyland

Holly_On_Butt_Family.jpg (37823 bytes)

Holly Pooh set UK

Holiday  Party Pooh bean Japan

Drummer Pooh USA

 Candy Tigger USA

babies1stxmas.jpg (27764 bytes)

Babies 1st Pooh

Christmas Little Stars Santa Pluto, Santa Mickey and Santa Donald

1101 1.jpg (35103 bytes) 

White Reindeer Pooh and Dark Blue Reindeer Pooh 

Squeeze Reindeer Pluto Musical and his nose lights up! 


Wrestler Pooh set, October Pooh, Huggable Pooh set


Biker Mickey and Minnie,   November Minnie



WDWThanksgiving2001.JPG (59624 bytes)

WDW Turkey Eeyore, Indian Tigger and 2001 Pilgrim Pooh


Zodiac Poohs


New Year Pooh 2002 (Little Star Mochi Pooh holding Spiny lobster)



On December 1st Japan New Year 2002 Horse Pooh



Japan Disney Store will release these Christmas Items on  the 1st  of November

Dark Blue Reindeer Pooh Little Stars 980 yen
Dark Blue Reindeer Pooh Dangle 680 yen
White Reindeer Pooh Little Stars 980 yen
White Reindeer Pooh Dangle 680 yen
Snowman Pooh Little Stars 980 yen


Painter Pooh

103 2.jpg (24849 bytes)  103 3.jpg (30479 bytes)


Little Star Flying Pooh

winniebrew.jpg (90524 bytes)  winniebrew2.jpg (102566 bytes) winniebrew1.jpg (83441 bytes)

Released October 2, 2001 in UK/European Disney Store was Winnies Brew and Thumper


thumper2001.jpg (59811 bytes) thump2.jpg (65391 bytes)


Minnie Mouse dressed as Snow White MBBP


goliathpiglet.jpg (23931 bytes)

Piglet Goliath

Another version of Rainy Day Pooh has been released in AU Disney Stores.  

Disneyland Paris beans


mkyarleq.jpg (13915 bytes)

Christmas Arlequin Mickey, Minnie, goofy



  goofsant.jpg (37667 bytes)

Disneyland Paris Christmas 2001 Chip, Pluto and Goofy

Paris Scooter Goofy


DLP_-_Minnie_Step.jpg (38907 bytes) DLP_-_Mickey_Step.jpg (38322 bytes)

Scooter Mickey and Minnie Paris Disneyland

Disneyland Paris, Mexican Goofy

721 1.jpg (38960 bytes)

Japan Leo Pooh

Super Pooh & Sidekick piglet

indianset.jpg (144645 bytes)

Professor Pooh USA

kinglouie.jpg (157873 bytes)  baloo.jpg (154703 bytes) babyelephant.jpg (151695 bytes) 

King Louie, Baloo and Baby Elephant UK

KnightPoohSet.jpg (26007 bytes) 

Medieval Pooh Family with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet USA

RecognitionPooh.jpg (16153 bytes) CareerPooh.jpg (16694 bytes) LeoPooh.jpg (16637 bytes) 

Feng Shui Recognition, Feng Shui Career, Leo Pooh 

InspectorMickey.jpg (26358 bytes) JulyTigger.jpg (12010 bytes)

Inspector Mickey and Super Sleuth Goofy, July Tigger 


Dumbo UK   

Happy Birthday Pooh w/piglet UK

Band Leader Pooh - UK

Pooh Halloween 2001 MBBP and Mickey Halloween MBBP

Enrika Pooh Japan


 Kiwi and Leo Pooh 

grapepooh.jpg (38287 bytes) bananapooh.jpg (39305 bytes) watermelonpoohjapan.jpg (42256 bytes)

Grape, Banana and Watermelon Japan

Happy Birthday Pooh, Mickey & Minnie  Japan

WDW Riverboat

testtrackgoofymbbp.jpg (21253 bytes)

Test Track Goofy mbbp WDW

Regatta Pooh

frogdanglejp.jpg (42868 bytes) 

Frog Pooh Dangle (New version has Terry Cloth type material)

cancerpoohjapan.jpg (34920 bytes) 

Cancer Pooh Mbbp and Dangle


Watermelon Pooh USA

Highlander set uk


Pioneer Mickey & Minnie USA

Sailor Pooh - Japan

Pirate, Frontier and Biker Pooh USA

Doctor Pooh

WDW4JULYMINNIE2001.jpg (32705 bytes)WDW4JULYMICKEY2001.jpg (20519 bytes)WDW4JULYGOOFY2001.jpg (22604 bytes)

pirate_pooh.jpg (13420 bytes)

Pirate Pooh

Mother'sDayTigger.jpg (146714 bytes)
Wedding Mickey and Minnie.jpg (10282 bytes)
cancer_pooh.jpg (9933 bytes)
geminipoohjp.jpg (38028 bytes)

Gemini Pooh Japan

chickentop.jpg (21763 bytes)

Chicken Pooh  - Au and Japan

Doctor Pooh & Surgeon Tigger UK

princesspinkminnie.jpg (24905 bytes)

Pink Princess Minnie

Prosperity Pooh USA

Helpful Pooh USA

Wedding Mickey Minnie - Japan

Happi Pooh White or Pink 2001 - Japan


Happy Birthday Pooh - Japan

Sous Chef Tigger Head, Chef Pooh, Pastry chef Eeyore and Commis Chef Piglet 


Spring Poon & Tigger from Paris DL

Happy Birthday Pooh Paris DL

Disneyland Resort Mickey

2001WDWGRADNITEMICKEY.jpg (38459 bytes)
nerdpigjocktigger.jpg (29733 bytes)

Nerd Piglet and Jock Tigger

gradpooh2001.JPG (142648 bytes) gradtigger2001.JPG (138184 bytes)gradeeyore2001.JPG (158583 bytes)

USA Disney Store Graduation Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore 2001

May Tigger

Fruit Series from Japan (Pear, Strawberry, Melon)

International Pooh series Japan - Russian, Chinese, Hawaiian, Scottish and Mexican

Taurus Pooh - USA

Boogie Board Mickey

summerpooh.jpg (28565 bytes)summertigger.jpg (36948 bytes)

Summer Fun Pooh & Tigger - Japan

Japan Polar Bear Pooh

sunflowerpooh.jpg (31349 bytes)

Japan Sunflower Pooh 2001

Gemini Zodiac USA Pooh

Disneyland Graduation Mickey 2001

Pooh in Reversible Egg in UK

USA Candy Teacher Pooh

Disneyland Graduation Pooh 2001

White Easter Pooh 2001 UK

Minniegirl.jpg (53493 bytes)

Minnie Girl - WDW

daisypower.jpg (48807 bytes)

Daisy Girl WDW

Mickey loyal, Clown Minnie, Goofy Mr Muscle and Hypo de Fantasia - Paris

Tigger Sir Pounce-a-Lot and Eeyore in Distress UK

Lime Mickey, Cherry Mickey Japan

Taurus Pooh Japan Zodiac

International costume now released in Japan

Admiral Mickey and Sailor Goofy

April_Tigger.jpg (30896 bytes)

April Tigger - USA Catalog

stgeorgesdaypooh2.jpg (65641 bytes)pigletthefierce2.jpg (55836 bytes)

St. George Pooh and Piglet the Fierce

mickey1.jpg (57794 bytes)pirategoofy.jpg (5469 bytes)

Pirate Mickey and Goofy - Paris

310_white_pooh1.jpg (21399 bytes)310pink_Pooh.jpg (30168 bytes)310 blule Pooh.jpg (29508 bytes)

Japan Shiny Bunny Pooh

310 hiyko2.jpg (20040 bytes)

Japan Chick Pooh

St Patrick's Day Goofy

easterdragonflypiglet2.jpg (125399 bytes)easterdragonflyeeyore2.jpg (142600 bytes)

Dragonfly Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore

Gradation 2001 Pooh

Kindergarten (youchien) Pooh

Kintarou" (Japan Boy's Festival) Pooh

Sailor Pooh

Fab 5 Paleontologists

Tower of Terror Goofy

Clown Pooh

Little Stars" Baby Mickey (Leopard), Baby Minnie (Pink Bunny) & Baby Donald (Penguin)

Mickey Robin Hood and Maid Marion

Blue Twirling Minnie

ariespooh.jpg (9878 bytes)  

USA Aries Pooh

aries_pooh.jpg (8025 bytes)  

Japan Aries Pooh

St Patrick's Kiss Me Mickey


UK Country Garden Pooh"


UK Cow pooh

pre1940smickey.jpg (27098 bytes) dlppre1940sminnie.jpg (24499 bytes)

Disneyland Paris  Pre 1940's Mickey and Minnie

Minnie as Butterfly, Mickey as Blue Bunn, Pooh in Easter Egg, Flower Tigger

Reluctant Dragon

Image007.jpg (135219 bytes)

Safari, Hunny, WDW Main Street Train, Fire Truck and Trolly.  Plush sets with beans.

Hippie Mickey & Minnie

stpdaytp2001.jpg (129636 bytes)

St Patrick's Day Tigger & Pooh 2001

Japan Easter Pooh

Japan Pisces Pooh

Flower Power Eeyore, Piglet and Pooh

Easter Bonnet Pooh & Eeyore

eskimo4.jpg (30247 bytes)

UK Eskimo set

knightpooh.jpg (10859 bytes) USA_JESTER_POOH.jpg (18379 bytes)

USA Little Star's Knight and Jester Pooh

MarchTigger.jpg (50304 bytes)

March Tigger

Buzzing Bee Pooh, Pooh Musical Rose, Nightwear Pooh and Nightwear Minnie


UK Mail Order Pooh with Love

piscesaupooh.jpg (52867 bytes)

USA Pisces Pooh

Engineer Mickey

It's a Girl, It's a Boy and St David's Pooh

Mickey Conductor, Donald Percussion and Goofy Saxophone, Highland Mickey and Minnie.

Valentine Pooh and Eeyore 2001

wdwvalentinemm2001.JPG (89183 bytes)

Cinderella's Mice

Best Guest Exclusive Majestic Mickey & Minnie

valentinepoohuk.jpg (33087 bytes)

Pooh in Reversible Heart

empro_m_m.jpg (11783 bytes)

Emperor Mickey, Empress Minnie

UK Playground Pooh and Tigger, Counselor Donald and General Goofy


February Tigger

DL Valentine 2001 Tigger

Japan Lucky Bunny Pooh

Pooh with Rose

London Pooh set

USA Catalog Mardi Gras Minnie and Mickey

ballerinaminnie.jpg (30031 bytes)

USA Ballerina Minnie

Aquarius Pooh

DCA Ranger Pooh set

hollywood_mic.jpg (20689 bytes) hollywoodminnie.jpg (26103 bytes)

DCA Hollywood Collection features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto dressed in their formal attire.

Golden State Collection features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto dressed to enjoy the great outdoors.

Beach Mickey and Minnie

Backlot Mickey

Backlot Collection features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto dressed in their backlot work clothes.

White Minnie - WDW

zebrapooh.jpg (61175 bytes)

USA Little Star Zebra Pooh

valen_jap.jpg (16407 bytes)

Pooh with a plush heart that lights up 1200 yen, Little Star version 980 yen,  Angel Trembler

Super Love Pooh, Super Love Eeyore and Super LoveR Tigger

USA Little Star Pink Bunny Pooh

"Pooh Anniversary Bean"

januarytigger.jpg (16479 bytes)

January Tigger

donaldsound.jpg (10337 bytes)

Jumping Donald with Sound

Mickeysnowboard.jpg (23754 bytes)

Snowboard Mickey

ladytrampvalentine.jpg (25136 bytes)

Lady and the Tramp Valentine set

poohtiggerprisonervalentine.jpg (36109 bytes)

Super Love Tigger and Prisoner of Love Pooh

bee.jpg (14587 bytes)

Little Star Bee Pooh (UK version has sound)

cowpooh.jpg (23518 bytes)

USA Cow Pooh




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