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USA News

Mbbp releases

There is Black Cat Stitch, Black Cat Pooh and Black Cat Eeyore. They will come out on the 25th of this month.



USA News

Mbbp releases

This years Halloween are small plush, no beans at all.

There is Witch Minnie and Dracula Mickey.

Thanks to Mark for the pictures!


USA News

Mbbp releases

Beautician Minnie

Gardener Daisy

Bee Keeper Pooh

Gardener Tigger

Thanks to Mark for the pictures!


USA News

Mbbp releases

There are two different Birthday Dalmations, Patch with a yellow party hat on and one paw on top of a red present. Then there is Penny with a purple party hat and holding on to a purple present the hat and present fabric match.

Cook Stitch he is in a white uniform and chef's hat red scarf around his neck and holding a big spoon.  Mechanic Stitch, he has on a blue jumpsuit with a Stitch name tag on it, he is also holding a wrench in his hand.

Tooth Fairy Marie with a pink tutu and silver stars on it. She has a purple wand with a pink star at the top of it, she is also holding a small purple bag with a tooth on it. I think the child is to put there tooth in it so the Tooth Fairy will find it.

Fireman Eeyore has a red fireman's hat with the number 1 on the front. and has on black and yellow boots on.  Mail Man Pooh he has on a blue suit and hat (with a bee on it) He's holding a letter in one hand and a mail bag over his other shoulder.

Teacher Minnie has on a pink and purple dress with matching bow. She is holding an apple in one hand and a Math book in the other.
Cab Driver Mickey, He's dressed a a yellow shirt with black pants. He waistband is a checkered black and white. He also has a yellow cap with taxi on the front

Thanks to Mark for the pictures!


USA News

Collector Creation

Junior Woodchucks Hewey, Dewey, and Louie.


UK News

Mbbp releases

Cricketer Pooh

Weightlifter Pooh

Tennis Pooh

Karate Pooh

Hockey Pooh

UK Footballer Pooh

St David's Day Pooh

St George's Day Pooh

St Patrick day Pooh

Burns Night Pooh

Pooh as Artist

Pooh as Baker

Pooh as Farmer

Pooh as Sailor

Pooh as Waiter

Pooh "Bee Mine"

Eeyore Luv Bug

Dalmatians puppy love

UK Grad Pooh

Spring Flower Pot

2008 Groom Mickey

Bridesmaid Minnie

Pooh w/ Blue Bankie

Pooh w/ Pink Blankie


UK News

Mini Snowglobes




UK News

Mug with mini bean



USA News

Recap of USA Mbbp releases

Disneyland  Easter Bunnies Mickey and Minnie.  Mickey is in a light blue bunny suit with an Easter egg on the front of it. He also has a gold bow tie on.  Minnie is in a pink bunny suit with an Easter egg on it to!  Both have the Happy Easter Disneyland 2008 on there foot.

EasterBunnyThumper.jpg (29325 bytes) EasterBunnyMarie.jpg (31143 bytes)

There is Thumper with blue ears over his gray  ears.
He is holding a purple basket with white dots and a blue egg in it. 
Marie has pink bunny ears and a purple basket with white dots and a white bunny in the basket.

EasterBunnyPooh.jpg (26946 bytes)EasterBunnyEeyore.jpg (34522 bytes)EasterBunnyTigger.jpg (32470 bytes)

Pooh has light blue ears, purple basket, white dots and an egg in his basket. 
Eeyore has orange ears, purple basket, white dits and a white bunny in his basket. 
Tigger has purple ears, purple basket with white dots, and a little chick in his basket.

EasterBunnyStitch.jpg (38012 bytes)

Stitch has lime green ears, purple basket, white dots and a duck in his basket.

Also like the Halloween bean balls, there is an St. Patrick's day Mickey all green and a Bunny Mickey mostly purple.

Thanks to Mark for the pictures!



USA News

Collector Creations

EasterBasket.jpg (39540 bytes)DisneyOnTheRecordMickey.jpg (72423 bytes)

Alien Easter Basket, Disney on the Record Mickey and Disney Soda Shop and Studio Shop.  Christmas one with Chip and Dale. 

Great creations by Mark.  



USA News


New Bride & Groom Mbbp

Thanks to Mark for the pictures!


USA News

New  Mbbp

Doctor Mickey, Nurse Minnie, Dentist Piglet, Teacher Pooh and DS Express Dumbo

Thanks to Mark for the pictures!


USA News

New 2008 Graduation Mbbp

Thanks to Mark for the pictures!



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